1. I have no one to vent too :(

  2. Perfect

    The feeling hen you meet someone perfect for you but they don’t feel the same

  3. People

    How can 2 people get along so well that when you met each other for the first time it was like they’ve known each other for years. But as soon as they leave they dont even wonder what could’ve happen. Future wife, or maybe even just best friends. Idk fuck it

  4. lazyking-eleena:




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  5. prince-alexander:

    “Every man, needs a woman in his life when his life is a mess. Because just like a game of Chess, The Queen protects the King.”

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  7. bazookamonster:




    What happens when you pay two monkeys unequally?



    Maybe we’re not so different.

  8. kernelsprite313:

Climbing the echeladder like a hax0r


    Climbing the echeladder like a hax0r

  9. googlehomie:

    you’re gonna regret not dating me after I get hot

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